Our Mission

Our mission is to improve quality of life of citizens through better governance

We aspire to be the pre-eminent impact-driven top tier Indian governance consulting firm

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Our Lever of Change

We work with the political and bureaucratic leadership in the states on
statewide systemic transformation programmes across governance domains

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Our Problem Solving Approach

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Our People Philosophy

We nurture leaders at Samagra

A personalised approach to career advancement with regular catch ups with the leadership on personal and professional goals


A systematic mechanism to identify, improve and track hard and soft skills, required to be an effective governance professional


A broad spectrum of experience across contexts, governance domains and geographies with a very high degree of ownership


Smart, motivated and driven co-workers contributing to positive energy and an environment conducive to learning


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Frequently Asked Questions

Samagra is a governance consulting firm. We differ from other consulting firms in that our clients are solely state governments. Our mandates include complex governance problems aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens; we work with governments across India on a variety of domains through state-wide transformation programs. We not only play an advisory role but also look after end to end implementation. We are different because our outcomes are mapped to the end beneficiary directly. A combination of deep-seated purpose and colleagues who are passionate about social change is what distinguishes us.
All our engagements / projects are systemic transformation programmes, hence the typical duration is 2-3 years. During the course of an engagement, we focus on an in-depth diagnosis followed by intervention design and implementation.
The following features are a common thread across all our projects:
- Holistic systems thinking approach
- Solution design for scale from the start
- Administrative and technical initiatives
- Strong pull from the state leadership
- Stakeholder interactions with state government machinery and bureaucracy
Upon receiving high-level abstract problem statements from governments, we conduct an in-depth diagnosis, followed by extensive and rigorous problem solving for design and implementation.
An IAS officer's key role is firefighting. We work closely with the government machinery towards bridging gaps in the system by focusing on medium and long-term governance improvement. We collaborate with bureaucrats to empower them with information and systems required for better decision making and implementation.
We assess our projects through multiple approaches -
- Progress is measured at an initiative level through the extensive use of indicators and data
- Feedback from beneficiaries and executing officials is taken regularly to assess the impact
- Recognition or improvement in rankings by third party organisations are tracked
We're a for-profit consulting firm and receive our funding from philanthropic organisations, and high-net-worth individuals. Sometimes the government partially funds the projects based on the domain.
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