Improving lives of farmers through

Data backed decisions

  • At ADAPT, we are embedding data and analytics into the DNA of Odisha’s agriculture governance ecosystem. By diagnosing under-performing agriculture schemes, building algorithms for equitable field worker allocation and real time tracking of disbursement of quality seeds, fertilizers and insurance claims, ADAPT is on track to make Odisha the first state in Indiato implement an integrated decision support system for agriculture

    ADAPT is a three-year long engagement in collaboration with Government of Odisha and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In this time, it will deliver a data stack of all agriculture related information and a decision support system with key metrics for agriculture. In addition, ADAPT will strengthen the state’s review and monitoring mechanism to drive process and policy changes.

    ADAPT is operational in all thirty districts in Odisha, working with more than five directorates. It aims to enhance farmer prosperity for 5,500,000 farmers.

  • To gain an in-depth, bottom-up understanding of the challenges in Odisha’s agriculture ecosystem, we visited 1000+ famers and 500+ government officials. This helped us to examine high impact decisions and identify key levers to improve farmer income. We also investigated existing data systems within the Agriculture department and classified all data into paper-based, locally hosted and data on servers.

    As a result of our diagnosis, we identified twelve focus areas – Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Irrigation, Farm Mechanization, Insurance & Credit, Post-Harvest Management, Markets, Crop-Diversification, Women in Agriculture and Extension. Consequently, we identified ~36 decision clusters and 250+ decision metrics to guide our work.

    To facilitate speedy information dissemination, data collection and to drive review and monitoring, ADAPT has created a network of WhatsApp groups. These groups include officials from the state down to the blocks.

  • Now in its implementation phase, ADAPT has launched a prototypoe dahsboard with 40+ metrics. An additional 40 transactional metrics will be incorporated soon. In an unprecendented manner, ADAPT is now also collecting monthly progress data for various schemes directly from all 314 blocks in the state.