Improving lives of farmers through

Data backed decisions

  • In ADAPT, we are incorporating data and analytics into the DNA of governance in the agriculture ecosystem of Odisha. From diagnosing underperforming components of agriculture related schemes to building algorithms for equitable field worker allocation, real time tracking of insurance claim disbursement to ensuring disbursement of quality seeds and fertilizers, we are on track to make Odisha the first state in India to implement an integrated decision support system in agriculture.

    A three-year long program being executed in partnership with the Government of Odisha and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ADAPT will ensure the delivery of a fully developed data stack of all agriculture related information, a decision support system including key metrics in agriculture along with strengthened review and monitoring within the government machinery to drive process and policy changes.

    ADAPT is operational in all thirty districts in Odisha, working with more than five directorates and aims to indirectly enhance farmer prosperity for 5,500,000 farmers.

  • We began by going on the ground and visiting 1000+ farmers and 500+ government officials to gain a bottom up understanding of challenges in agriculture in context of Odisha. This helped us examine decisions of high impact and key levers of improvement in farmer income. Having identified twelve broad areas – Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Irrigation, Farm Mechanization, Insurance & Credit, Post-Harvest Management, Markets, Crop-Diversification, Women in Agriculture and Extension. This exercise culminated into the identification of ~36 decision clusters and 250+ decision metrics. We also investigated the existing data systems within the department and classified all data into paper based, locally hosted and data on servers.


    In order to facilitate speedy data collection and driving review and monitoring, ADAPT has created a network of Whatsapp groups down to the block level for micro-tech enablement.

  • Now in the implementation phase, ADAPT has already launched a prototype dashboard containing 40+ metrics with another 40 transactional metrics in the pipeline. In an unprecedented manner, data for scheme-wise monthly progress reports is now being collected directly from all 314 blocks for multiple schemes.