An effort with the agriculture department to improve farm productivity and
farmer income through a data stack for agriculture and a decision support system

The ADAPT Framework

Glimpses of Our Work

Customised Pest Advisory

Customised advisory for pest control in a localised format can help improve farmers' productivity. This has been achieved through weekly meetings of multiple departments to improve coordination and align on finalising the advisory for each of the 314 blocks in Odisha. The advisory is then disseminated to farmers through SMS, IVRS, and videos in the local language, improving penetration from 27% to 76% of villages.

Extension Worker Reallocation

Development and implementation of a scientific algorithm helped redistribute and rationalise the work of 3639 Village Agriculture Workers (VAWs) and Agriculture Officers across 6801 Gram Panchayats of Odisha. This has helped improve the efficiency of each VAW by reducing the maximum allocated population by 40% and area covered by 30%. This reduced the effective vacancies by 27%.

Re-invigorated FIAC Meetings

The defunct mechanism of conducting Farmer Information & Advisory Committee (FIAC) meetings at block level in Odisha was re-invigorated to resolve and escalate issues raised by farmers locally. Officials from the Department of Agriculture & 5 allied departments now meet every fortnight in all 314 blocks, and commonly identified farmer issues from the meetings are incorporated into policy design and implementation.