Design and management of the Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates programme
to drive delivery and governance reforms through 22 young professionals posted in 22 districts

The CMGGA Engagement Framework

Glimpses of Our Work

CM Grievance Redressal

Citizens typically have to run from pillar to post to get grievances resolved. To address this, Chief Minister of Haryana set up an online grievance monitoring system. However, it too suffered from poor speed and rate of grievance redressal. This was solved for by establishing and institutionalising a weekly district level review mechanism, thus increasing the disposal rate ~70% to ~85%.

Transport Services Revamp

The inefficiency in the process of issuing driving licenses and vehicle registrations was solved by re-engineering the entire process. Standard Operating Procedures for each of the 23 services were designed and implemented in 90+ transport offices in Haryana. This has led to better service delivery experience and improved transparency for 1 lakh+ citizens on a monthly basis.

Emergency Management

Currently, Haryana Police takes upwards of 30 minutes to reach to a citizen in distress. This delay is a result of decentralisation and poor technology enablement of police control rooms. Set-up of a state-of-the-art Centralised Emergency Management Centre is currently underway and will enable the police emergency response vehicles to reach 2500+ citizens daily within 15 minutes.