Driving digital transformation

Digital Haryana

  • In DHC, we are conceptualizing and driving the digital vision in Haryana encompassing all the departments in the state of Haryana. A Digital Cell has been setup in the office of the Chief Minister to streamline all e-governance initiatives of the state. DHC will ensure the delivery of a core stack of technology components, catalyzing data driven reviews of all departments, reviewing existing IT initiatives for optimal design & performance and facilitation of partnerships of the Government of Haryana with NRSC-ISRO, Service Plus and other central government organizations to deliver on high impact IT initiatives. These efforts are enabled with institutional capacity building, server management and digital literacy. 

    DHC is operational across Haryana, working with thirty-eight departments and aims to bring 380+ citizen services online having achieved 7100 citizen touchpoints.

  • We began by going on the ground and visiting 1000+ farmers and 500+ government officials to gain a bottom up understanding of challenges in agriculture in context of Odisha. This helped us examine decisions of high impact and key levers of improvement in farmer income. Having identified twelve broad areas – Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Irrigation, Farm Mechanization, Insurance & Credit, Post-Harvest Management, Markets, Crop-Diversification, Women in Agriculture and Extension. This exercise culminated into the identification of ~36 decision clusters and 250+ decision metrics. We also investigated the existing data systems within the department and classified all data into paper based, locally hosted and data on servers.


    In order to facilitate speedy data collection and driving review and monitoring, ADAPT has created a network of Whatsapp groups down to the block level for micro-tech enablement.

  • DHC has made a unified service delivery platform for applying and tracking 350+ government services across the state live. SARAL uses an escalation matrix to ensure accountability of all involved officials and speeds up service delivery. In addition, DHC has created 25+ GIS based applications for the state for which we facilitated an MoU between Government of Haryana and NRSC-ISRO. Alongside, we’re also engaged in the review of 180+ technology initiatives in the state to ensure that these projects are using best practices and reach their milestones in time. DHC is also involved in the administrative and technological debottlenecking in these projects.