Why Samagra?

Samagra presents a unique opportunity to create real impact at scale through better governance, have a steep learning curve as a professional and embark on an unparalleled growth trajectory to be a leader in the impact domain.

Roles at Samagra

Associate &
Senior Associate
Consultant &
Senior Consultant
Manager &
Senior Manager
Vice President &
Senior Vice President

Samagra works on a model of high degree of ownership at all levels. From a fresher responsible for 3-5 mini projects, in 8-9 years one can grow into a thought leader responsible for better governance in a state, managing 80-100 mini-projects, and leading a 20-25 member mini organisation.

Recruitment Process at Samagra

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Recruitment FAQs

We follow a common selection procedure for associate and consultant roles. If selected, you will be informed of your designation after your in-person interview.
No, prior experience in the development or consulting sectors are not mandatory. We seek passionate, impact-minded individuals from across educational and professional backgrounds. We look for strong logical reasoning and problem solving abilities and good written and oral communication skills.
No. We have a common recruitment procedure for all projects. Projects are allotted after recruitment based on fit and openings.
The in-person interviews will be conducted by the Samagra Leadership. This includes case interviews and motivation and fit interviews.
In the case interview, you will be presented with a real governance scenario/problem from one of our projects that you will be asked to investigate and/or solve. You will be tested on your logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities and your communication skills.
The entire recruitment process takes upto 4 weeks. In person interviews are conducted at our Delhi office once a month. We attempt to ensure that the time between the intimation of final interview results and the in-person interview does not exceed 10 days.
Email the concept note to careers@samagragovernance.in within the one hour time provided to write the concept note.
No, any expenses incurred by the candidate as a part of the process will be borne by the candidate himself/herself.
Your compensation depends on multiple factors such as past experience, educational background, the role you are being considered for etc. We will discuss this with each candidate before making the final offer. Our compensation levels are roughly 70% of the compensation levels of corporate firms.
We believe that learning on the job is the best way to train oneself for a role. We have a detailed onboarding plan for all new joinees which provides an in depth understanding about Samagra as an organization, its various projects. The new joinee also receives ample mentorship from his/her manager and the Samagra leadership.
Most teams comprise of 3-5 Associates and Consultants led by a Senior Manager/Manager and supervised by a Senior Vice President/Vice President.
An individual is typically staffed on an engagement for 9-12 months. Team members are then staffed on different projects to enable diverse experiences and variety of work across domains.
Delhi is the base location for all projects. Through the week, teams are stationed at the client location with frequent travel to Delhi for review meetings and problem solving sessions. The time spent on ground varies based on the engagement lifecycle. During the diagnosis phase, the team spends a lot of time on ground to gain a bottom up understanding of the problem statement and understand ground situation. In more mature stages of the project, teams work at the state office to align political and bureaucratic leadership, with field visits as and when required.