A cell working closely with the CM Office and the school education department to design and implement strategies to achieve grade level competencies for 80% students in Government schools of the state

The Saksham Haryana - Education Framework

Glimpses of Our Work

Digital Teacher Training

To overcome ineffectiveness of the in-person and cascaded teacher training mechanism, 20000+ teachers in Haryana have been connected through a network of WhatsApp groups. The course comprising 70 videos provides regular training and mentoring in remedial learning and has received 1.5 lakh+ views. Further, 1000+ videos have been crowdsourced to enrich the content for remedial training.

Saksham Ghoshna

Saksham Ghoshna has energised the entire education ecosystem in Haryana through a gamification framework. If a block believes that 80% of its students have achieved grade level competency, it can nominate itself for a third party assessment, based on which it is declared 'Saksham'. Of 54 blocks evaluated,18 blocks comprising 2 lakh students have been declared Saksham over 9 months.

Saksham Adhyapak Dashboard

Teachers in all 14000+ schools in Haryana have access to personalised dashboards to access student performance after monthly examinations. Teachers use targeted insights from the dashboard to identify key focus areas for each of the 14 lakh+ students and benchmark them against other schools, blocks and districts.