A two year elementary education transformation programme across all 14,000 Government schools
to improve learning levels of students across classes I to VIII

The Samarth Framework

Glimpses of Our Work

Khaas Shiksha

Keeping government school teachers motivated is a huge challenge. To address this, an objective and robust system was set up to recognize teachers implementing creative teaching methods. In the first 24 months, 130 winners from among 1100 nominations have been awarded. This has inspired teachers across all 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh to adopt best practices and further innovate.

Timely Textbook Delivery

Himachal Pradesh became the first state in India to deliver 61 lakh textbooks to all 5.5 lakh students across 15,000 government schools before the start of the academic session. A combination of process optimization, role clarity and enablement through technology makes the process sustainable, making Himachal a case study for other states facing an average delay of 2.5 months.

Shiksha Saathi App

School review and monitoring process in Himachal Pradesh has been simplified from a cumbersome manual task to an OMR based exercise and further to a mobile application. In 20 months, 12500 schools have been visited to monitor teaching in 25000+ classes. This innovation has transformed review and monitoring, leading to timely resolution of 87% of the identified issues.