Using technology enabled systemic assessment reforms to improve

Learning Levels

  • Vidya Vikaasam aims to improve learning levels of school going children in Andhra Pradesh by 6-8% over three years through systemic interventions in key drivers of learning improvement, institutional capacity building on assessments cycle and setting up systems to close the feedback loop. The key objectives of the program are to achieve improvement in learning levels through implementing direct levers, viz. remedial program, teacher capacity building, strengthening review and monitoring and academic monitoring. Apart from direct levers, the engagement aims at building the assessment capacity through strengthening SCERT and the district administration, strengthening methodology in designing assessment tools, accurately measuring learning levels, strengthening data analysis to derive actionable insights and leveraging technology to disseminate assessment insights to the teachers and parents.

    Vidya Vikaasam is operational in all thirteen districts in Andhra Pradesh impacting 61,000 schools, 2,50,000 teachers and 6,50,000 students.

  • Our approach to improving learning levels in Andhra Pradesh is to strengthen the assessment capacity, establish relevant technology systems and usage of assessment results for systemic interventions. We began by strengthening the assessment ecosystem of Andhra Pradesh through capacity building of Assessment Cell in the state and districts, strengthening assessment administration, conducting of high quality assessments, setting up robust data collection methods and data analysis methods.

    Once the necessary ecosystem is in place, we are working with SCERT-Andhra Pradesh to drive high impact interventions such as year-long remedial program, teacher professional development and academic monitoring. These initiatives are implemented by the Assessment Cell team setup at SCERT-AP to ensure long-term sustainability.

  • On the capacity building front, Vidya Vikaasam has completed the setup of state and district assessment cell, the teams responsible to takeover the assessments of Andhra Pradesh. The team is currently in the process of taking over summative assessments and State Learning Achievement Survey (SLAS). The standardized assessment structure of the state has also been improved for accurate and timely data collection, end-to-end documentation of processes of assessment administration as well as granular analyses to bring out learning gaps.

    The team has successfully leveraged technology in the form of dashboards, district scorecards and trackers to drive review and monitoring at all levels. Administrators, headmasters and teachers are now being empowered with accurate and timely student performance insights using SMS, IVRS and Whatsapp groups, leveraging DIKSHA, CSE and Vidya Vikasam portals and facilitating recognition and wide dissemination of best practices.

    On the student front, Vidya Vikaasam is ensuring provision of remedial education to bring students up to grade level in three phases of summer residential bridge program, a year long Learning Enhancement Program and pre-board preparation.

    For the teachers, Vidya Vikaasam is in the process of overhauling of teacher training architecture with focus on institutionalization of need-based, continuous and digital trainings. The team is also in the process of strengthening parent/community ownership of quality of education through regular dissemination of information through SMS & IVRS campaigns, leveraging technology platforms such as Prashnavali to build capacity of teachers and headmasters to administer high quality assessments.